We are not match
Thai เราไม่เหมาะสมกัน
RTGS Rao mai mor som gan
Air Date November 23, 2015
Episode data
Previous I’m not going to give up this easy
Episode Kiss Me #15
Next Happy new year
Staff Information
Director Saratsawadee Wongsomphet
Music Information
Opening Rak Hai Dai
Ending Rak Hai Dai

We are not match (เราไม่เหมาะสมกัน Rao mai mor som gan) is the fifteenth episode of the Kiss Me drama, which aired on November 23, 2015.


Family arranged a Birthday Party for Tenten and Taliw.Both are happy. They went to university together. Their relationship is good till the day that Bomb (Tenten's dad talked about new joint venture with (Nana's dad). Tenten was speechless when he learned that Nana will come to work at Thailand. From that day, Tenten looked strange till Taliw feels something has changed. Tenten think about himself and Taliw. Finally he decided to tell Taliw not to follow him anymore. Taliw was silent. At that night, when they meet, Taliw ask Tenten "What exactly do you want?" Tenten said "We are not match, I am not match with you, you are not match with me. I do not know how to take care you" Taliw felt sad and recalled the good memories between them.


Characters appearing in the episode in order of appearance:


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