Sara Kaai
Birth name 河相沙羅 (Kaai Sara)
Born June 27, 1994 (age 20)
Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Gender Male
Sign Cancer
Height 178 cm
Weight 59 kg
Blood A
Occupation Actor



Year Title Role
2011 Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Sei Shintarou Azuma
2012 Kurohyou 2 Ep.08
2013 Itazura na Kiss: Love in TOKYO Watanabe
2013 Asu no Hikari o Tsukame 2013 Shun Takita
2013 49 Ep.02-03
2014 Dr.DMAT -
2014 Last Doctor -


Year Title Role
2012 Joker game -
2014 Sofuten -

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