Pimpatchara Vajrasevee
Birth name พิมพ์พัชร วัชรเสวี
(Pimpatchara Vajrasevee)
Alias Pie
Born September 21, 1991 (age 24)
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Nationality Thai
Residence Thailand
Gender Female
Sign Virgo
Height 171 cm
Weight 47 kg
Website Official Facebook
Official Instagram
Occupation Model, Actress
Years active 2012–present
Role Nana (Sahoko Oizumi)

Pimpatchara Vajrasevee (พิมพ์พัชร วัชรเสวี) is a Thai model and actress. She portrays Nana (Sahoko Oizumi) in Kiss Me the 2015 Thai live-action adaption of the Itazura na Kiss Manga.



Year Title Role
2012 Waew Mayura Herself
2012 Yod Rak Nak Soo Deuan
2014 Por Kai Jaae Nampueng / Look Pat
2014 Rot Fai Reua May Li Gay Gong Taai Nun
2014 Maa Lee Rerng Ra Bam Nee Naa
2014 Porb Ruk Busaban
2014 Office Syndrome Bum
2015 Lun Rak Kaam Rua Yaa
2015 Dok Maai Laai Paat Glon Pym
2015 Kiss Me Nana
2016 Saai Lap Sa Bat Chor Chaa Chaa
2016 Saam Sa Haai Gap Kun Na Naai Saat Migayn
2016 Office Syndrome 2 Bum
2016 Saai Lap Rak Bpuan Deuan Dayn

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