Motoki Kikyou
117143-28886 large
Kanji 桔梗 幹
Rōmaji Kikyou Motoki
Also known as Moto-chan
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation University Student (former)
Affiliation Tonan University
Tonan Hospital
Personal Status
Manga Chapter 55
Anime Episode 17
Drama Episode 7 (2007)
Episode 5 (2014)
Portrayed by
Seiyū Mitsuki Saiga
2007 Tw-Drama Danson Tang
2014 J-Drama Mirai Suzuki

Motoki Kikyou, also known as Motto is one of Kotoko's classmates at nursing school. At first Kotoko thought he was a girl due to his use of make up, but was actually surprised when she found out he was a boy. He and Marina had admired and liked Naoki when they found out about him and guessed that his wife was smart, beautiful, and talented. At first they thought his wife was Yuuko Matsumoto, seeing them together when they were following Naoki, and decides to give their love. Later Naoki visits the nursing department and reminded Kotoko from his mother, in much total shock for everyone. Motto teases Kotoko about it and said he still had a chance making Kotoko a little pissed about it. He then later volunteered to recite the vow of the nightgale which was required for a woman. Kotoko was picked causing him to feel down. When Kotoko tries to memorize it, he appears and recites it perfectly, she asks why and Motto tells her that he wanted to wear the nuse's cap for a long time and was his dream. Kotoko gives him advice and during the ceremony,he wears the girl's outfit, which was a pink dress,insted af the blue suite required for him. After some persuasion he was able to wear the nurse's cap and became a graduated nurse with Marina, Tomoko, Keita and Kotoko (who was still clumsy and all).

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