Kotoko Aihara
Kotoko Aihara
Kanji 相原 琴子
入江 琴子 (later)
Rōmaji Aihara Kotoko
Irie Kotoko (later)
Also known as Kotoko-chan, Aihara-san,
Kotoko-san, Irie-kun, Irie-san
Gender Female
Sign Libra
Birthday September 28th
Age 17 - 26
Blood O
Height 158 cm
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (former)
University Student (former)
Affiliation Class F
Tonan High School
Aihara Japanese Cuisine
Tonan University
Tennis Club
Tonan Hospital
Personal Status
Relatives Naoki Irie (husband)
Kotomi Irie (daughter)
Shigeo Aihara (father)
Etsuko Aihara (mother)
Shigeki Irie (father-in-law)
Noriko Irie (mother-in-law)
Yuuki Irie (brother-in-law)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Drama Episode 1 (1996)
Episode 1 (2005)
Episode 1 (2007)
Episode 1 (2010)
Episode 1 (2013)
Episode 1 (2014)
Episode 1 (2015)
Episode 1 (2016)
Movie Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Portrayed by
Seiyū Nana Mizuki
1996 J-Drama Aiko Sato
2005 Tw-Drama Ariel Lin
2006 In-Drama Ayudia Bing Slamet
2007 Tw-Drama Ariel Lin
2008 J-Stage Asami Abe
2009 J-Stage Asami Abe
2010 K-Drama Jung So-min
2013 J-Drama Honoka Miki
2014 J-Drama Honoka Miki
2015 Th-Drama Sucharat Manaying
2016 J-Movie Reina Bisa
2016 Tw-Drama Esther Wu
2017 J-Movie Reina Bisa

Kotoko Irie (入江 琴子Irie Kotoko), née Aihara (相原, Aihara), is the main female protagonist of the Itazura na Kiss series. She is in love with the handsome and intelligent Naoki Irie. After her newly constructed house collapsed, she moved into the Irie household, her father being a very close friend of Naoki's father, Shigeki Irie.


Kotoko has lived with her father ever since her mother died when she was at a very young age. After she enrolled into Tonan High School, she was placed into Class F (classes are arranged by letter) along with her friends Jinko, Satomi and Kinnosuke, also known as "Kin-chan". During the freshman speech on the first day of school, she overheard some girls talking about Naoki Irie, who was to deliver the speech. Hearing that he was possibly the number one genius in Japan, Kotoko imagined a studious person. However, when Naoki appeared and began speaking, she was surprised at how different he looked and instantly fell in love with him.

For the next two years, she tried to win his affections by studying hard to get into Class A while working up the courage to confess her feelings. During the end of her second year (still in Class F), she was able to write a love letter, but before she could give it to him, Naoki had already rejected it. She then proceeded to move into Irie Naoki's house after her house is destroyed by a earthquake. Her father is old friends with Naoki's father, which is how this came to be.


She has long red-brown hair with bangs, big warm brown eyes, and a slim build. She also has a cute upturned nose and a smile on her face. Throughout the series, she has many different outfits and hairstyles, but usually either leaves her hair down, or has it in pigtails or braids. When she wears her nurse uniform, she normally has it in pigtails to keep it short and out of the way of her work. She is always described to be adorable and cute.


Kotoko is an absent-minded, cheerful, romantic, and emotional girl. She is rather clumsy but very determined and driven. She has a lot of spunk and is fiesty. She is a little stupid but is very lovable. She shows her emotional side whenever she would see Naoki Irie with another girl, like Christine Robbins, but this just displays her love for him. Kotoko is regarded as being stupid and known for messing things up. She is also a comedic character from what Naoki had said. She is continuously described as quite dense in matters associated with love, but is very persistent and works hard for things she wants.


Main article: Kotoko Aihara/Relationships

Kotoko has always liked Irie-kun, and one day tries to give him a love letter expressing how she feels about him. But sadly he does not accept it. Later Kotoko's house collapes becuase of bad construction and an earthquake. So she and her father go and stay at her fathers friend's house, and their eldest son just so happens to be Irie-kun. So now Kotoko must live in the same house as her crush, and through this her love for Irie-kun grows stronger. Soon after Irie-kun relizes he also has feelings for Kotoko and confesses to her in episode 14. In that same episode Irie-kun proposes to Kotoko and they get married. Kotoko and Irie-kun have their hard times, but they always stay strong in the end. At the end of the anime they have a child named Kotomi.

Just before her marriage to Naoki, she had a brief romance with Kinnosuke, her friend who liked her since freshman year. She honestly knew she didn't love him, but hoped she could learn to, since an arranged marriage had been prepared for Naoki.

Alternative names

  • It Started with a Kiss / They Kiss Again: Yuan Xiang Qin (袁湘琴 Yuán Xiāng Qín)
  • Cowok Impian: Arika
  • Playful Kiss: Oh Ha-ni (오하니 Oh Ha Ni)
  • Kiss Me: Taliw (ตะหลิว Tah̄liw)
  • Miss In Kiss: Xiang Yue Qin (向月琴 Xiāng Yue Qín )


  • Kotoko had a crush on Naoki since her freshmen year.[1]
  • She's bad at cooking, despite her father being a famous chef in Tokyo.
  • She falls down steps a lot.[2]
  • She often gets jealous when she sees other girls talking to Naoki.[2]
  • Kotoko has only been angry enough to say that she doesn't like Naoki two times despite what he's said. First when Irie takes her into the alley way after she showed everybody his picture as a girl at the restaurant[3] and second when Naoki slaps her.[4]
  • Kotoko cannot speak English well.
  • Most of the boys in the series seem to fall in love with her, but that doesn't change her feelings for Naoki.
  • Even after marriage, she regards Naoki as "Irie-kun".


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