Konomi Sagawa
Kanji 佐川 好美
Rōmaji Sagawa Konomi
Also known as Konomi-chan
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Middle School Student (former)
High School Student
Affiliation Tonan Middle School
Personal Status
Relatives Yuuki Irie (boyfriend)
Manga Chapter 44
Anime Episode 24
Drama Episode 3 (2007)
Episode 16 (2010)
Episode 9 (2014)
Portrayed by
2007 Tw-Drama Lin Jia Yu / Summer Meng
2014 J-Drama Ayu Matsuura / Karin Ono

She likes Yuki Irie, Naoki's younger brother.

Konomi shares the same personality as Kotoko; both are as naïve and caring. She has liked Yuki since junior high, but he refused to be her friend. After a while, Yuki has a change of heart.

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