Kanta Sato
Birth name 佐藤 寛太 (Sato Kanta)
Born June 16, 1996 (age 21)
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Residence Japan
Gender Male
Sign Gemini
Height 181 cm
Blood B
Occupation Actor
Years active 2015–present
Role Naoki Irie

Kanta Sato (佐藤 寛太 Sato Kanta, born June 16, 1996) is a Japanese actor. He portrays Naoki Irie in Itazura na Kiss The Movie: High School-Hen, Campus-Hen and Propose-Hen the Japanese movies adaptation of the Itazura na Kiss Manga.



Year Title Role
2015 HiGH&LOW Teppei "Tettsu" Kurosaki
2016 HiGH&LOW SEASON 2 Teppei "Tettsu" Kurosaki
2017 Nou ni Sumaho ga Ume Rareta! Adachi - Ep.05


Year Title Role
2016 ROAD TO HiGH&LOW Teppei "Tettsu" Kurosaki
2016 HiGH&LOW The Movie Teppei "Tettsu" Kurosaki
2016 HiGH&LOW: The Red Rain Teppei "Tettsu" Kurosaki
2016 Itazura na Kiss The Movie: High School-Hen Naoki Irie
2017 Itazura na Kiss The Movie 2: Campus-Hen Naoki Irie
2017 HiGH&LOW The Movie 2: End of Sky Teppei "Tettsu" Kurosaki
2017 Koi to Uso Sosuke Takachiho
2017 HiGH&LOW The Movie 3: Final Mission Teppei "Tettsu" Kurosaki
2017 Itazura na Kiss The Movie 3: Propose-Hen Naoki Irie

Music videosEdit

Year Title Performer(s) Album


  • He is member of stage troupe "Gekidan EXILE".
  • He and Nonoka Yamaguchi acted in the same drama and movie, HiGH&LOW SEASON 2 and HiGH&LOW The Movie.

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