Jinko Komori
Kanji 小森 じん子
Rōmaji Komori Jinko
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (former)
University Student (former)
Affiliation Class F
Tonan High School
Tonan University
Personal Status
Relatives Junpei Narasaki (boyfriend)
Manga Episode 1
Anime Episode 1
Drama Episode 1 (1996)
Episode 1 (2005)
Episode 1 (2007)
Episode 1 (2010)
Episode 1 (2013)
Episode 2 (2014)
Episode 1 (2015)
Episode 1 (2016)
Movie Part 1 - Part 2
Portrayed by
Seiyū Kinoko Yamada
1996 J-Drama Sakura Uehara
2005 Tw-Drama Chiago Liu
2007 Tw-Drama Chiago Liu
2010 K-Drama Hong Yoon-hwa
2013 J-Drama Nanami Fujimoto
2014 J-Drama Nanami Fujimoto
2015 Th-Drama Paveena Rojjindangam
2016 J-Movie Atsuki Tomori
2016 Tw-Drama Wen Wen
2017 J-Movie Atsuki Tomori

Jinko Komori is one of Kotoko Aihara's best friends.


Satomi has black hair.

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