Daniel Shen
Birth name 沈昶宏 (Shen Chang Hung)
Born August 6, 2004 (age 13)
Nationality Taiwanese
Gender Male
Website Official Facebook
Occupation Actor
Years active 2010–present
Role Jiang Yu Shu (Yuuki Irie)

Daniel Shen (沈昶宏 Shen Chang Hung) is a Taiwanese actor. He portrays Jiang Yu Shu (Yuuki Irie) in Miss In Kiss Taiwan live-action adaption of the Itazura na Kiss Manga.



Year Title Role
2010 Check In Little Emo
2012 What Is Love Little flower girl
2012 Absolute Boyfriend Little Superman
2012 Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Little Zhong Qi
2012 P.S. Man Angel Kindergarten student
2012 Dong Men Si Shao Dudu
2012 Falling Zhen Bao
2013 Love Me Or Leave Me Li Yi
2013 Chocolat Little Shi Wu
2013 Big Red Riding Hood Little Yu Xuan / Little Yu Luo
2013 A Hint of You In small buildings
2013 Fabulous Boys Little Tai Jing
2014 Even God's children Xu Jia Bao
2014 My Poor Dad An Xiao Le
2014 Mr. Right Wanted 49 Cameo by marriage
2015 Moon River Darren
2015 The Four Horsemen Small End of the World
2015 School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard Little Lin Yi
2016 Bullshit Flower Little Lee You Tu
2016 The Age of Innocence -
2016 Miss In Kiss Jiang Yu Shu


Year Title Role
2011 Love In Shan Hai Flora City Little Nan Zhu Jiao
2012 I'm not Superman Child actor
2013 Machi Action Big monkey
2014 Love Warmed Child actor
2015 Where the Wind Settles Cameo
2015 The Peanuts Movie Charlie Brown (voice dubbing)
2016 MAP OF DNA Little Baolong

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