Ayako Matsumoto
Kanji 松本 綾子
Rōmaji Matsumoto Ayako
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (former)
University Student
Affiliation Tonan University
Tennis Club
Personal Status
Relatives Yuuko Matsumoto (sister)
Takendo Nakagawa (boyfriend)
Anime Episode 11
Drama Episode 11 (2005)
Episode 9 (2013)
Episode 22 (2016)
Movie Part 2
Portrayed by
Seiyū Saori Seto
2005 Tw-Drama Nikki Hsieh
2013 J-Drama Ayamu
2016 Tw-Drama Winnie Wu
2017 J-Movie Sarii Ikegami

Ayako Matsumoto (松本 綾子 Matsumoto Ayako) is Yuuko's sister.

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