Aiko Sato
Birth name 佐藤蓝子 (Sato Aiko)
Alias Aiko Takuma (married name)
Born September 26, 1977 (age 37)
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Residence Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Gender Female
Hair colour Black
Sign Libra
Height 164 cm
Blood AB
Family Numata Takuma (husband)
Occupation Actress, Talent
Years active 1993–present
Role Kotoko Aihara (1996)
Aiko Irie (nurse) (2013, Ep.10)

Aiko Sato (佐藤蓝子 Sato Aiko, born September 26, 1977) is a Japanese actress and talent. She plays Kotoko Aihara in Itazura na Kiss (1996 Drama) and makes a little cameo as Aiko Irie in Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

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